About Me

Kira Withers-Jones

Having previously worked as a craft tutor I’ve seen the importance of creating – of making and doing – to people’s wellbeing. I’ve seen students speaking openly about difficult events in their lives and others using crafting as a break from challenging situations that they’ve been experiencing.

I, myself, have used crafting at various times of my life to help me to move on or even to keep going. I can’t imagine ever not working with my hands and I’m sure that if people stopped buying what I make then I would just spend my time making lots of things for my house and family.

Over the years I have studied Fashion Design, Psychology and Counselling as well as taking numerous smaller workshops in jewellery and textile skills. I am now bringing all of my skills and experience together in order to help and encourage people using the arts and crafts.

I’m based in the wonderful Welsh Valleys and work across the whole of South Wales.