Mirror antiquing

For the past few months I’ve been looking for an antique-style mirror to put in the hall so that I can check my outfit before I dash out of the door. It’s been hard to find a full-length mirror with the kind of frame design that I like that’s not huge and a leaner instead of wall-mounted. Eventually I saw something in Dunelm Mill that was exactly the size and style I wanted, but was white. Seeing as it was only £19.99 and a lot of the others that I’d seen were getting on for £60 I thought it was worth giving painting the frame a go.

Mirror before

I couldn’t be bothered to try taking the frame off the mirror as it was very well attached and covered on the back so I just stuck scrap paper over the mirror with masking tape, trying to cover every millimetre of mirror without hiding any frame.

Mirror silver

I sprayed the frame very thoroughly with silver Plastikote coming at the mirror from different angles because of all the moulding and ornamentation.

Mirror coveredThe silver was obviously very silver which wasn’t the antique look that I wanted so I mixed up some black and brown acrylic paint and daubed into all over the frame, pushing it into all sections and dips.
Wipe off

After a quick wipe while the paint was still wet it started to look like a dirty old mirror frame – even my husband was impressed!

Finished mirror

This is what the new mirror looks like.



And this is me using the mirror! (The photo is a lot darker because I had to switch the flash off for this one).

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